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Saturday, 3 October 2009


Last night the electrodes were attatched, the kites sent up in to the centre of the storm, and lightning struck!

All the secrets of the heavens flowed throught the wires attached to the kites, and in to Walcot Mortuary Chapel, where they kickstarted the projector and brought our season of Gothic Horrors to life...

A finger twitched, it began to breathe - and then it sat bolt upright and headed off into the night upon a rampage!

And oh, what fun we had...

With smoke and lighting and flames we welcomed the damned who joined us. Though normally we would not drink 'wine', the red stuff was handed out.

There's a few photo's here to give an idea of the evening, but there'll be better ones to follow since there was a pro on hand...

But look at those colours! Look at that light! It was like entering a Mario Bava movie (I'm not sure anybody else got that, but I was tickled pink!)

Graveyard ghouls... or shades of Miss Jessel (see what I'm talking about at the screening of THE INNOCENTS in December)

These gentlemen kept telling people they were 'late' and asking them to come this way. Should we have worried?

The assembled hordes. A sell out show! Does my heart proud. Thank you all for bowing at the Gothic altar to worship the wonders of Boris Karloff and James Whale. Hopefully you'll join us for more in the season.

And Now The Screaming Starts! The film begins... Edward Van Sloan steps up on screen to give fair warning to the audience of the horrors that will follow, while we lock the doors and grin (not really - no health and safety infringements here, and many thanks to the council for their help with the venue). Blurry photo I know, you can hardly make anything out, but a pro was present at the proceedings, so better pictures should be coming soon.

Many thanks to everyone who helped make this what it was. Damn good fun with a damn good film, and a wonderful way to start.

Thanks to everyone for coming.To RADIO for their wonderful work in dressing the Chapel, and to ORCHARD STUDIO for the smoke and lighting - thanks for helping us create just the right mood, it looked fantastic...

See you all at the next film!

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