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Monday, 9 November 2009


Higher quality version of the short film made as part of a film-making workshop for 11-16 years olds, conducted during the FROM OUT OF THE SHADOWS season of Gothic Cinema at The Little Theatre, and screened before the BFI restored print of Terence Fisher's Classic DRACULA...

Little Theatre of Horrors from Workshops n' Docs on Vimeo.

Great isn't it!?

And because we love you - a little extra treat. The film within a film, because so much work went into it.

Little Theatre of Horrors: deleted scenes from Workshops n' Docs on Vimeo.

So impressed were we all with the finished piece, that it will also be screening infront of PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES (well, it just seemed too perfect an opportuinity to miss), and most likely all the other films too.

To all who took part - CONGRATULATIONS! You made a cracker.

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